Welcome to Maintain the Rage, a Blog by an Australian Nurse, Student, Scout Leader and Family man. This Blog is designed to offer practical tips and tricks for budding young Nurses, Scout Leaders, Parents, or anyone else who wants to be more organised, passionate and driven in their chosen pursuit. It is also a personal reflection on my life and the real struggles I go through trying to achieve everything I achieve.


Maintain the Rage originated with Gough Whitlam, an Australian Prime Minister who famously said in 1975 “God save the Queen, because nothing can save the Governor General”. He would go onto to say “Maintain your rage and enthusiasm through the campaign for the election now to be held and until polling day.” in which Gough Whitlam conferred to the Australian People that they should keep their interest, their tenacity, their fire until the election campaign came to a end on polling day, to put an end to the nine term streak that the Australian Liberal party had wrought on the Country.
My sentiment towards Mr. Whitlam is not that of political support, but rather his passion, his drive and dare I say it his perspicacity. I endeavoured to harness these qualities and apply them to my own life. I adopted the saying “Maintain the Rage” as a sort of sign off for my posts to fellow Nursing Students, as a pick me up when something had gone awry, and as an encouragement to others to “Maintain their Rage”.

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Luke Sondergeld