#3Rs – Reflect, Relax and Recharge

This week in the Twitter-sphere I have been focussing on my Three R’s for Rest; Reflection, Relaxation and Recharging. I believe that these three things are necessary for longevity and sustainability in any endeavour. Maintaining Your Rage, if you will. I know I am guilty of burning the candles from ends myself, but thankfully I have an amazing wife Alinta who reminds me to stop when I forget. In my daily life I am a Nursing Student at CQUniversity, a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC), a member of the Student Participation and Retention Committee (SPARC), a Scout Leader with the Warripari Scout Group, a Blogger, a Father to two beautiful children, and last but definitely not least a Husband.


My life from time to time


I feel that reflection on your activities is a fantastic way of learning more out of a situation then you may have normally, a way to work through a difficult decision made by you or one that effects you, and a great way to evaluate anything you have been a part of, whether a meeting, an activity a camp or otherwise. To that end I find this Blog has been a great way to reflect on my life, studies, practices and events. However, you may find journalling, talking to a loved one, Vlogging or even Tweeting your thoughts (constructively) can all be great ways to reflect. By reflecting we look at ourselves from the outside in, see how other people perceive us, our actions and our intentions. We can continue to grow and develop, and when it comes to reflecting for the benefit of Rest, it becomes a brilliant way to resolve issues, thoughts and concerns in a healthy and productive manner that allows you to Relax.


We all relax in different ways, some read, some write, some binge watch Pretty Little Liars, some camp and some people run. Whatever your way to relax is you need to make time for it, actually schedule time to stop and take part in the activity you  relax best with. In reality that might mean putting a pause on your assessment paper, or latest blog post, and taking the 30 minutes to go for that run. It may initially seem like a waste of time, stopping your activity to do something that relaxes you, but studies have shown that when we take time to relax we become more efficient and effective at tasks. I tend to spend my time relaxing with friends and family either playing board games or watching movies, but a nice long camp with a fire relaxes my soul, and recharges me.


Relaxing is important, however you do it


At the end of a long day we all tend to place our phones on charge so that at the start of the day our phones are fully charged and ready to go, however, when it comes to ourselves we tend to be content with running down to 1% and then seeing how long we will last for before ‘powering down’. We need to treat ourselves with the same care as some of us do with our phones and ensure we remain at 100% more often. If you have Reflected on you day, your week or even the meeting you just finished, you should then be trying to Relax, whether hammering the Gym or Reading a book, you then need to Recharge. This can be done in a number of ways, some people like to meditate, some pray and spend time in God’s presence, some get Recharged by doing other activities. I get my Recharge from Camping and spending time with God. It may seem odd, but sleeping on a thin foam mat, in the cold, eating rehydrated foods and not showering for a couple of days is the best way to recharge my battery. But if I have had an intensely emotionally draining week, spending time with my local Church family with God and just being in His presence is the best recharge for the mind.


Sitting around a fire is my Recharge Station

Whatever you find comfortable make sure you take the time to Reflect, Relax and Recharge, it may make the difference between succeeding in the latest project you are working on, loosening the fingers to let you finish that book you have been stuck on, or refresh the mind so you can pass the exam you’ve been stressing over.

Do you have a favourite way to follow the #3Rs? Write it in the comment section below. Know someone who could benefit from this, or any other of the posts you’ve seen? Don’t forget to share them on your preferred Social Media using the buttons below. You can also follow this blog via email so you can be notified when I write again.


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