Our Rage

I have decided to talk about my favourite subject, my Wife and our life together. But before I loose the male portion of my readership this isn’t going to be a love story with walks on the beach, champagne breakfast and how I was the perfect embodiment of Casanova. Instead this is going to be how my Wife and I stay together, keep it together and Maintain Our Rage. The three main concepts I wish to convey with regard to Our Rage are; Communication, Priorities, and Making Time.



All good relationships, whether marriages, friendships or working relationships are based around solid, effective, two-way communication. Our marriage is no different. From the onset Alinta and I set out to communicate every idea, thought, question and issue. Other then the normal getting to know you questions, one of the first discussions we ever had was around the intent of our dating. A hard discussion, but one that ultimately set the tone for our relationship. Alinta shared that dating should be with the intent to determine suitability for marriage, and not some summer fling, thankfully I tend to agree with the notion and the matter was sorted. But the matter was still raised and we discussed it, something not too many people would have given similar situations.

Communicating, discussing, relating, talking, sharing, and listening are all part of the exchange of information in a relationship, and it extends beyond simply sharing of thoughts and ideas. My Wife and I made the decision very early in our relationship that we would never go to sleep angry, we would instead remain awake and discuss what is on our mind and come to an agreement, or at least understanding, before saying I Love You and going to sleep. This isn’t to say that there haven’t been many  sleepless night because of this rule, but it has meant the irritations, habits or disagreements cannot take strongholds within our relationship and rot it out from the inside.

Our marriage began with a six month separation due to work commitments whilst I was still serving in the Navy. This meant our normal sitting arm in arm on the couch conversations weren’t happening.  We missed the personal connection that comes with being in the same location, myself especially, but it didn’t stop us from communicating. We would spend hours on the phone at night taking about our days, reflecting on how different things made us feel, and delving deeper into our relationship through our words.

The most sage advice I ever received in regards to a relationship is Never stop talking. This isn’t to say that you should continue to talk AT your partner until they submit, or fill the air with so much talk and noise that your partner cannot think, but to never stop talking to each other, never stop sharing, never stop reflecting, never stop saying I Love You.



In my 30 Lessons Learnt by 30 I mentioned priorities and how they govern everything I do, how I organise my time, and ultimately what gets my energy first. The lit of priorities, in order are;

  1. God
  2. My Wife
  3. My Family
  4. My Employment and Education
  5. Myself

Now, some of you are going to be asking Why is God first? And it’s a valid question. God forms the focal point of our family, He determines what blessings we should or shouldn’t have, where we go in life, how large our family should be, everything. Our entire life is conducted through the lens of Is this what God has planned for us? To that end, my wife is  next on the list. I ensure that she is the first one to receive my attention when I get home, when I wake up in the morning, she is the last one to get my attention before going to sleep, she is the first (most of the time) to know when plans have changed and she is the first person I consult on anything to do with the rest of the list, including how I spend my me time. I would encourage everybody to organise their lives into a priority list, but don’t do it haphazardly. My priority list has been carefully considered and prayed over for a long time. It took a while for me to realise that I am at number 5 not number 3. And I am OK with that. You need to be ok with it too. This priority list also helps when it comes to decisions about time. Our lives all get busy from time to time, some a lot busier than others. By having my wife as the second on the list, when I get asked by my mates to come to the pub, or come hang out, I will either ask to bring my wife, or decline in favour of staying at home. Same goes with unwarranted overtime, excessive extracurricular activities and the like. I will either decline upfront, or at least consult with my wife to make sure she is going to be OK with the level of commitment I will need to put into something else. See back to Communication to understand why.

So my advice, set a list, put it aside, come back to in a week, think about the decisions you have made in the week. Did they fit into that priority list? What needs to Change? Make the necessary changes and do it again, and again and again until you have a list that works for you.


Making Time

The need to take time extends to most facets of our lives, and taking time for those we love is no exception. Alinta and I, endeavour, to spend time as a couple, just the two of us, no kids, no distractions, no anything. That doesn’t always come to fruition but we try. Sometimes the us time is merely sitting next to each other at our desks and mutually ignoring one another while we work, study, blog or otherwise. Sometimes it is as simple as watching a movie together on the couch. Whatever the activity is we endeavour to make deliberate time for it.

As I mentioned previously, I personally endeavour to make sure that the first person I spend time with when I get home, is my wife. Without her our family unit doesn’t not have its united leadership. When we are out and about we endeavour to be sitting next to one another, walk with one another, hold each others hands, and all the other cliche things, that normally make people sick due to there sweetness, but we do endeavour to do these things. It is what helps us remain united and strong together.

So make time to spend with your loved ones, take a vacation together, get off early from work and surprise your loved one, small tokens of love and appreciation will always go further than singular large gifts. Time is our rarest commodity and the most cherished, share it once in a while.


So to conclude we may only be on the early steps of the journey but we have enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to the memories we will make together in the future and the times we will share. I look forward to the trial and tribulations, the good times and the bad, the sickness and the health, until death do us part.


Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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