Planned Rage

Today I am taking the opportunity to share a little with what I am planning over the coming months, what it means for me personally and what it means for this blog. As with everything in our lives, planning is important, but we shouldn't lose site of the journey. For me this whole journey of becoming as Nurse has been wonderful, insightful and joyful. I am also aware that God decides I am needed elsewhere then I must go, that is after all how I wound up in Rockhampton in the first place.


So for those of you who have been reading this blog for a while now know that I am due to graduate from my Diploma of Nursing course in December this year. This will mean that I am eligible to register as an Enrolled Nurse (EN). But there is one final hurdle to jump over, my final five week clinical placement in the Acute setting. This is going to be a great opportunity for learning and development. It is also going to be a great opportunity to hone my clinical skills in a real time environment, with patients that aren't my colleagues, with conditions that are actually manifesting not just described.

This both excites and scares me at the same time, it will be the first time in my life I will be actually qualified at something, and not just doing something. I know that I will have the base line knowledge required of me to fulfil my role as an EN, I know that I am compassionate enough to be the kind hand I need to be, I know I am efficient enough and manage my time well enough to juggle multiple patients. But I also know that I have so much more to learn, I could be more compassionate to my fellow man, I need to ensure I don't become too task orientated, too cold, too distant or too removed. I know I need to remember why I am being a nurse in the first place.


The Blog

This year I will be completing Nanowrimo, a 50,000 word writing challenge that runs for the month of November. My final placement also runs for the month of November, and as part of my assessments I am required to write a reflective journal covering this period. I have negotiated with my instructors, and they have agreed, to allow me to combine the two. Thus, for the month of November, I will be writing a Daily blog post about my placement, what I am learning, reflecting on my clinical practice, my trials, my tribulations, and everything in between.

I see the weekly structure of the blog posts being something along the lines of;

  • Monday – Friday (or whatever my shift week becomes): Daily Reflection released within 12 hours of shift completion
  • Saturday (or first day off): Weekly Round Up
  • Sunday (or second day off): A different topic, like the ones being posted now (open to suggestions for content)

This will be an intense time of writing and learning so I thank you all in advance for your continued support.



The Future

The future for myself is simply another two years of study towards my Bachelor of Nursing with CQUniversity. This gives me the ability to register as a Registered Nurse at the end of 2019. Given my registration as an EN, during those two years I will simultaneously be working as a Nurse, hopefully in a Medical/Surgical ward in one of the three hospitals here in Rockhamtpon, but we shall see what the future has in stall. Past 2019, only God really knows what's in stall, but perhaps a career in ED is my calling. Only time will tell, and opportunity to work in different wards may mean I find my passion elsewhere.


As for the future of this Blog? I am considering a Podcast of the blog posts for those who are too busy to read, or would rather listen to my dulcet tones instead of reading them.

So there you have it, a brief look at what's to come in the coming months and years. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see, have an idea for a post, curious about a facet of my life I haven't mentioned then feel free to comment below.

Also, don't forget to click on the subscribe button so you can get all the updates and notifications of new blog posts.

Maintain the Rage,

Luke Sondergeld

2 thoughts on “Planned Rage

  1. I wish you all the best. Looking forward to reading as you write about a positive future unfolding before you. Nursing, a worthy calling much.


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