Reasons Why

We all go about our daily toils for various reasons, we go to work because we all enjoyed breakfast and thought more food would be great, we send our children to school so they may become educated and hopefully out perform us, we wash our clothes so others will actually talk to us and we clean out homes so we don’t wind up on reality television.

These mundane activities all have reasons, motivations or at least some sense of why. But have you every stopped to consider the reason why you do most of your actions? It may surprise you that some things you do you simply do because you always have. In Leadership we always discuss this notion of culture change and how we can go about it, and the hardest thing to overcome is Thats the way we have always done it. No one knows why, or who made the decision, simply thats the way its always been.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now will know that I am a big fan of self reflection and improvement. To that end I have been thinking about all of the things I do, University to Scouts to the Student Representative Council to Cooking to Blogging. I have been looking at all these things, and more, and have been endeavouring to find out the reason why I do them, and not just for the superficial answer of I cook so I can eat.

I will briefly cover some of the Major Activities in my life and the Reasons Why I do them in a effort to help you get started on your own reflective journey.


I have been a Scout leader for about 12 months now and in that time I have both imparted a great deal, and learnt a great deal.  The reason I first got into Scouts was my Son. He was a part of the Warripari Scout Troop and really enjoyed it, the troop put out a call to arms, and I accepted in an effort to spend more time with him and spend more time outdoors. As time progressed the reason why grew, my son moved onto Venturers and I remained with the Scouts. The reason why I now lead the Scout section is because I have been given a rare opportunity to speak into the lives of our youth, foster their leadership skills, teach them some life skills, get them outdoors and active, and give back to society a little.


Student Representative Council

Like Scouts the original reason I joined the SRC is not the same as it is now, originally I joined the SRC because a friend of mine asked me to join as their was no representative for the TAFE and I had a bee in my bonnet because of it. After over 12 months representing the TAFE student body on the SRC I can safely say that is no longer the case. I am still passionate about the TAFE students and the overall educational experience but I now use the SRCs platform to implement processes, procedures, strategies and ideas into motion that can better the students, not just gripe about the issues. The SRC has also led me to opportunities with the Student Participation and Retention Committee, CQUni Life blog, CQUni News, and the Australian Leadership Excellence Awards for which I was a regional finalist. I love serving the Students, the University and seeing real change take place. These are the reasons that I still serve, and will continue to serve on the SRC.


Nursing School

When I started my Diploma of Nursing in July 2016, I had ideas of being the kind hand beside the bed, a warming touch in an otherwise cold and desolate wasteland of observations and testing. I still have those ideals, but I have grown and learnt so much on my journey thus far, and still have much to go. My idea of nursing is fostered deep in the principles of Servant Leadership, whereby we don’t lead by getting others to do what we want, we do things for others in the hope it will be beneficial to them. Every patient, resident, client or consumer has the potential to be shown kindness, charity, compassion, empathy and care but at the same time providing education, instruction, and improving overall health. This is the reason why I continue with nursing, because I have the unique opportunity to improve someone’s standard of living by sharing a few simple words, referring them to a service they may not have been aware of, providing a warm blanket in the cold of night, holding the hand of someone prior to surgery, or explaining life changes to someone in a difficult time. Nurses have done all of these for me in the past and it made all the difference.



I love to cook, and when I say love to cook, I mean LOOOVVVVVE to cook. My wife has only cooked a handful of times while I have been home, and physical able to cook. I am a natural born feeder, and it goes beyond the provision of nourishment. I feed people enough for 10 other people, then bring out supper. I very rarely cook with a recipe and when I do I tend to read it, get the gist of what the meal is supposed to be, and then make it all up anyway. Cooking for me is my creative release; given that I can’t draw, paint, sketch, colour in the lines or produce a piece of music, I use food as my symphony of the soul. And not to blow my own trumpet, because that’s musical and I can’t do that, but I make pretty good music with my symphony. I cook because it relaxes me, it soothes my mind, it allows me to create. It is my way of showing people my creative side, and a way for me to allow myself to be creative.



I have only been blogging since May this year, so I am still new to the game.  But I don’t blog to be famous, or make money off it, or to launch my next novel. I blog, for much the same reason I am a Scout Leader and a Nursing Student, I want to share my story in the hope I can inspire, assist, mentor or otherwise help another. Blogging has also help me reflect on my life and has helped me sort through my thoughts, my feeling and my ambitions in life. I continue to blog because I have received such great feedback from you the readers, how a story has touched you, how a reflection has helped you with your journey, or how one of the post has made you realise things are going to get better. I also blog to raise awareness of issues, share a good message, or to encourage others. In short, I Blog because you Read.



And thats it, the major extracurricular activities in my life and the reasons why I keep doing them. Do you have a different reason for doing something mundane? An extracurricular activity that nobody else understands? Perhaps you do something that I do, but for different reasons? Write in the comments below and share your story with others.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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