Placement Rage

As regular readers will know I am coming to the end of my Diploma of Nursing studies, which culminates with a five week Acute Care placement, totally some 200 hours. As I did with my Aged Care placement and my Community Care placement, I will be documenting my thoughts, interactions and reflections on my experience. Unlike my last two placements, I will not be summarising after the fact, but in fact giving a daily summary of experiences, emotions and lessons learnt.

Placement Rage 1

Current Thoughts

I am looking forward to putting my accumulated knowledge to use, I am looking forward to the challenge that lies ahead. But, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly apprehensive. I hope I never get to the day where I feel like I know enough, if you don’t think you know enough you will keep asking questions. I am not concerned with my clinical skills, and I am looking forward to learning and applying new ones.

I want to excel, which brings with it a certain level of apprehension as D-Day approaches, doubt creeps in and you begin to wonder if you are going to be good enough. If any of my class mates are reading this, they will be getting ready to echo back the same thing i have been saying to them for months, You will be fine, you know what you are doing, just breath, relax and dive in. And I have been reminding myself of these words, and the sense of irony certainly isn’t lost on me either.

The first day will set the tempo for the whole placement, Orientation Day. We are meeting up at a facility outside of the hospital to be inducted, trained and tested to ensure we are up to scratch before we hit the floor. With previous orientation sessions, the information was simple enough with the focus being on manual handling and general safety. This time however we will be conducting more complicated procedures, delivering medications and monitoring patients who are in a far less stable condition. But as my old Chief Bosun used to tell me, or rather yell at me, Pressure Makes Diamonds.

Placement Rage 2

Blogging Timetable

So the nitty gritty. I will be writing my daily reflection almost as soon as I get home. Therefore if I was to publish as soon as I wrote them, the posts would come out at all varying times, and no one would be able to keep up. So instead I will be releasing the posts the morning after my shift. That will mean the blog posts for the week will be published as;

  • Monday’s at 0600 (AEST) will be normal Maintain the Rage posts
  • Tuesday’s through Saturday’s at 0600 (AEST) will be Acute Care Reflections from the day previous
  • Sunday’s will remain the Sabbath and there will be no new posts

Placement Rage 3I thank everyone for their support of Maintain the Rage thus far, and I thank everyone for their words of encouragement going forward not only with my placement, but my Nursing Career in general.

Maintain The Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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