Day 1

Day 1 saw us all complete the Mandatory Training for the facility with a number of other staff. The day ran for approximately 9 ½ hours and covered everything from Emergency situations, CPR, Manual Handling, Infection Control, Aggressive Behaviour Management, Electrical Safety, WH&S and an overview of Company, which included a brief talk from the Facility CEO.

Though the day may not have been clinically interesting, as most of the material was fairly standard, although good for a refresher, it was interesting to hear about the company, its values and its culture. The company has a great culture of supported, safe, client centred care. They believe in their employees and treasure their skills, experiences and opinions. The policies and procedures of the facility are often sent out to the staff to ask for feedback, input and commentary. It serves any workplace well to have input from the people who are actually using the polices to test them first.

From day one the facility has set an excellent tone for professionalism, courtesy, input, support, and mentorship. All of these values and ideals are ones that I not only appreciate, but attempt to emulate as a leader, mentor and employee.

My previous apprehensive feelings have been mostly alleviated by the attitudes of the staff and their attitudes towards education and students. I look forward to my coming eight shifts in the Medical ward, and the lessons that will be learnt.

Until tomorrow, Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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