Day 4

Day 4 of my Acute Care Placement was an Introduction into routine, management and additional skills. I was given two Patients to by the NUM as my case load for the day, with the additional instruction Anything else interesting that comes up, which tickled my curiosity and intrigue just a little. The patients I had assigned weren’t overly difficult, but had large amounts of medications and high level personal cares. I also had the opportunity to complete a surgical admission, and see it through to handover at the theatre doors. I also had the opportunity to insert a Indwelling Catheter on a female patient for the first time.

Having a patient load of my own was a great opportunity, and a great learning opportunity. I took the time before I started to look over the medication charts to see when medications were due and make notes accordingly, I noted any cares requirements or additional tasks that needed to be completed by the end of my shift. For the most part I managed the day well, I was a little late with the 1400 medications as I was inserting the aforementioned catheter. But otherwise managed well. A great learning curve for the day, and a chance to push myself tomorrow and see if I can juggle the addition of another patient.

The Indwelling Catheter was a rare opportunity for my facility, as most are inserted in theatre, or patients come into the Medical ward with them already. I had supervision from our preceptor RN and had the other two students on shift with me to assist and observe. I was a little nervous heading into my first catheterisation and a female to boot. What made matters worse was the constant chorus from the other nurses about how hard this particular patient was, which in addition to females being harder in the first place, didn’t fill me with the most confidence that I would be able to nail this. However, I set myself up in the room, had my fellow students position and hold the legs slightly apart, and with some conferring with the RN inserted the catheter first time, collected the MSU I needed, inflated the balloon and exhaled deeply with overwhelming relief that I didn’t miss, or more importantly, put undue discomfort on the patient.

All in all, a great day. A good confidence boost for my time management, skills and procedure knowledge, and patient cares. I feel that in the past four days I have learnt more than in the proceeding four weeks. And I am exhilarated because of it. Each day brings with it a new sense of adventure, challenge, knowledge, growth and personal discovery. Definitely picked the right career here.

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow, Maintain the Rage,

Luke Sondergeld

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