Day 6

Day 6 of my Acute Care Placement saw the return to the Medical ward, however, this time was the Afternoon shift, 1430 till 2300. The shift began with a in room handover of the all patients, and then oddly, 30 minutes after beginning the shift, afternoon tea. I was assigned three patients, two of whom were on contact precautions, and one with a Intravenous Antibiotics, which I am one allowed to monitor and report on, not actually hang and administer.

I am still puzzled by the choice of having afternoon tea so soon after the shift begins, and after watching the shift progress there are far better times to have a break, however, this is what the facility does, and who am I to argue.

The management of the patients went better then any shift previous, I had the medications rounds sorted, I checked the medications I was unsure of, I knew what was happening and when, and still had time to assist with the other two patients of the RN who was supervising me, and their medications and cares. All in the name of experience, help and education.

I feel more confident on the ward, I feel like I am getting to know the position, how it all works and who is who when it comes to complex cares. The part I am finding difficult is end of shift notes. I can complete the care plans, assist with the drafting, admissions, discharges, and the risk assessments that come with them. But when it comes to writing a few lines at the end of the shift to summarise what happened. Nothing. I draw a blank, I look over the observations, my notes, go over what happened, and struggle to squeeze out a sentence. I suppose in the end of it all, I am struggling because it seems pointless to write Patient existed, nothing happened in spite of constant checking. We as nurses fill out numerous different reports, plans and pathways on a patient, we document everything to the nth degree. And then right at the end we draw a little word picture, covering everything that is written on everything else. Even if something different happens, and you take an action, that is still documented elsewhere, and we still write about it. I know it is something I will have to get over, and get better at, but it still irks me.

This week sees me staying in Medical until Friday, at which point I move over to the Surgical Ward, and the busy times to had there.

Until tomorrow, Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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