Communicating Rage

In a modern world we are all sharing, tweeting, posting, instagramming, and voicing our opinions, but we aren’t really communicating, we are not very good at listening to others opinions, nor communicating what is really important. There are many platitudes regarding communication, communicate well and often, communicate communicate communicate, and effective communication is a two way street. Communication is important in almost every facet of adult life; Work, Relationships, and Parenting.


In 2017 there is a huge focus on good communication with colleagues and management, there is also a push for improvements in the area of conflict resolution. Many workplace issues, whether among colleagues of with management stem from poor communication. So what can we do about it? Listen. The simple act of listening to not only the words coming from the person but listening to the reason behind them, the tone, the sense of urgency and listen to what they are actually saying, don’t just listen to respond.

Conflict in the workplace is often caused when one individual feels they frequently aren’t being heard. The constant feeling of being ignored bubbles away under the surface of the individual and eventually boil over and results in a incident.

As an Individual you need to ensure that you communicate effectively yourself, keep your messages short, succinct and on point. You also need to be present in the conversation, actively listening to your colleagues, and ensuring that you convey a sense of hearing the message and not just the words.



Divorce, failed relationships and separations are on the rise, not just in Australia, but Globally. Most relationships fail because of bad communication, it may not be immediately apparently the cause but is what it boils down to. When a relationship fails due to money, its normally because the dialogue regarding spending and saving is not well established. The idea of couples growing apart is almost always due to lines of communication breaking down over time, and simply not talking to each other anymore.

We can avoid this by taking time every day to talk with our partners. Talk about our days, about what we have been thinking about, talk about our feelings, what makes us tick, our children and plans for the future. Never stop talking to our partner. My wife and I take the time to talk about our day almost as soon as we get home, we use long drives to plan out the future, every anniversary dinner is a reflection of the year that was and what we can do better. We never stop communicating.



Our children are a blessing from God, they are a perfect reflection of us and their Creator. They are honest, true and innocent. The ugly stuff they learn later. We as parents need to listen more to our children and not be so immediately dismissive. Often what a child says is the truth, lying is a learnt behaviour, but even if the tale they are spinning is filled with deceit, there will sometimes have a grain of truth to them.

We should also tell the truth to our children at all times, for two main benefits, it slows the learning of lying, and it builds trust within our children. My wife and I have decided that our children will not be told stories regarding Santa, the Tooth fairy, or the Easter Bunny, in the interest of being transparent and fostering a trustworthy relationship between us all.


A brief outline on communication. Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to communicate effectively? Why not share them here in the comments section below.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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