Day 14

Day 14, for my Acute Care Placement and a return to the Surgical Ward, for what was is my last AM shift before a three day stint on the PM.  The ward was surprisingly empty, compared to the chaos that was yesterday. There were several discharges, a fair spread of second day orthopaedics and abdominoplasties, and a day two TURP. I would have the inordinate pleasure of being assigned the patients at the end of the passageway, the furthest point away from the Nurses Station.

The day began really well, I was with the RN with five patients, we checked on the patients, delivered their morning medications and analgesia, I assisted the RN with IV therapy and antibiotics as appropriate. The morning progressed, we went to morning tea and returned to assist with physiotherapy, post morning ablutions and showering. As I was assisting a patient into the shower, the Emergency buzzer was set off. I ensured my patient was safe and left them in the hands of their partner. I walked out of the room to find it was the patient next door. There were people everywhere. We alway talked about it in class that every man and his dog rocks up, but they weren’t kidding, Doctors, Nurses, Physios and even the Pharmacist rocked up. The situation was the patient was returning to bed following a shower and they began to convulse.  After taking observations it was noted their Oxygen Saturation was below 75% and was barely staying at that point on 15L of O2 with a Non-Rebreather mask. After settling the patient enough and stabilising the oxygen saturation on Nasal Prongs, a portable Xray of their chest was ordered to rule out a clot. A CT Pulmonary Angiogram was also ordered to determine the extent of any such clot.

The day progressed, we monitored the patient like a hawk, with observations being conducted several times an hour, the doctor visiting from time to time to write up orders and to check up on the patient. The day progressed and the patient remained reasonably stable, till about 1500 just after handover their BP crashed to 80/40. They were left in the very capable hands of the afternoon shift and the day was done. It was oddly exhilarating going through the whole process, the stabilisation, the investigation, the monitoring, the diagnosis, and the care of both the patient and the partner. I am thankful for not only my training received at CQUniversity but my time in the Navy that prepared me to deal with the situation and the people involved.

Tomorrow will be an interesting change moving to the PM shift on Surgical, but I am looking froward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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