Fall on Sword

A quality most look for in an employee, partner, friend or simply a person they wish to engage with on some basic level, is honesty. To that end, in June I wrote two articles #3Rs and Controlled Chaos, revolving around how I Reflect, Relax and Recharge and how I spin all the plates in my busy world. The honesty part of all of this is, I haven’t been recharging as much as I needed to, and I have been sacrificing my friends and family in the effort to achieve everything I have been of late, and neither are sustainable.


I firmly believe in reflecting on my practices as a young nurse and perpetual student, on my life as a father and husband, and on my other extracurricular activities. But as far as the resting and relaxing goes, I have been lax. I love to paint small plastic figures and get together with my friends, throw dice at the table and claim some sort skill. For those playing at home I am describing Warhammer 40K. I also enjoy playing board games, feeding people, fishing, and camping. Of all these activities, outside of the occasional Scout camp, I haven’t done any of these in nearly 12 months. I thankfully have two months off coming up in December and January where I intend to right wrongs. I am going away for a week with my parents, brother and family to fish, sun bathe, swim and generally relax. I will also be endeavouring to paint, which is something I haven’t done since I started Nursing School, and maybe sneak in a game or two. I am also going to be endeavouring to play some board games with my friends and family.


I am a busy person. I will freely admit that. I also believe that at times I could stand to be busier. However, with another child on the way next year, shift work and a shift in roles at the Scout Group, I know I need to be more available for my family. Currently I am involved in;

  • Scouts Australia – As a Scout Leader on a Wednesday Night, and several weekends
  • Nursing Student – Three days a week at School, with Full-Time placements (like now)
  • SPARC – Monthly meetings and tasks in-between
  • Blogger – Currently Daily, but normally Weekly, also contribute to two other websites
  • Diploma of Nursing Society – Badging ceremonies, bridging the gap between Diploma and Bachelor Students, mentoring, supporting and generally fostering new Nurses
  • Father – Of two but soon to be three
  • Husband – to an exceptionally patient wife
  • SRC – I recently finished my second term just before placement
  • Student Advocacy


Now, most of these will remain in 2018, however I intend to shift the focus and take less of a load. As such;

  • Scouts Australia – I will be taking an Assistant Group Leader role, most of which can be done from home and doesn’t require me to be available on a particular night
  • Nursing Student – I will be progressing on with my Bachelor next year, which has much fewer contact hours, and shorter placements
  • SPARC – Will remain much unchanged, however if work continues to be on the meeting days I will have to tender my resignation
  • Blogger – No changes here, I need the Reflection time
  • Diploma of Nursing Society – I will be mentoring other Students to fill my role
  • Father – MOOOOORRRREEEE Children, sombre time at home
  • Husband – Stop putting my wife second and spend more quality time with her, not just sitting next to her in the lounge room reading, blogging or otherwise ignoring her
  • SRC – As I am no longer an official member of the I will be back to being a supporter of their services and redirect students to them if required
  • Student Advocate – I will always advocate for students, just as I do for my patients


I stand by my advice and thoughts I wrote in June, and perhaps like so many times in the past I should heed my own word, take a step back and slow down. To all my friends and family who are reading this thinking Thank You! I must say, Thank You. Thank you for constantly reminding me I am too busy, that I do have a family and they need me to be present, and that for my own health and sanity I need to slow down.

I thank all of you, my readers, for continuing to support Maintain the Rage, and I thank you for sharing the messages with your friends and family.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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