Day 17

Day 17 of my Acute Care Placement and my last shift on the Surgical Ward. The ward was packed, and I mean not a bed spare, hot swapping patients within an hour of discharge, sending them onto other hospitals for rehabilitation. Proper busy. As a final shift, and pseudo send off from the ward, it was finishing on a high note.

I took three patients as my own, and between myself and the AIN made sure all the cares, observations and the like were completed. I then liaised with the RN to ensure I could complete the medications required, while still availing myself to the interesting learning opportunities on the ward as a whole. It was fun, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, not to mention I felt at home, I didn’t feel anxious, nervous, or out of control. I felt like I was another cog in a well oiled machine. It was nice.

Something thing of note, I completed my 20 hours of required Medication time tonight. Which doesn’t mean I stop being involved and trying to get every available subcutaneous, intramuscular injection or otherwise, but I am no longer burdened by this looming target that I have to reach, especially with my move to Mental health tomorrow and Theatre early next week.

I enjoyed my time in Surgical, I enjoyed the pace, the teamwork, the diversity, the structure and the process. I feel that from a time management perspective, Surgical would be a great ward to work in following graduation. However, I feel that for maximum exposure to different, unique and sometime complex health situations Medical won hands down. But having said all of that, my facility is only small, it only has the three wards and theatre, it doesn’t have an ICU, HDU, Oncology, Cardiac, Paediatrics, Neo Natal, Rehabilitation or Renal unit. Without exposure to all of these wards or units, I don’t feel I will ever truly be able to find my favourite place. And having said all of that, every ward, section or unit has its positives and negatives, all of them are potential learning outcomes and growth points, and thats what I love so much about Nursing, its diversity and the ability to grow and learn. A profession like no other.

Tomorrow afternoon will see my first Mental Health shift, I am a little apprehensive as I am not a massive fan of shades of grey. I like black and white, that leg is broken you need a cast, but if someones head is broken its not so easy. Of the four wards the facility has, I feel that Mental Health will push me the most, not because of its overt complexity, busy schedule or heavy physical demand, but because it is such a different style of nursing to what we are taught, and different from what I feel I am good at. A good lesson in self discovery shall be had.

Maintain The Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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