Gaming Rage

In case some of you haven’t realised, I am a bit of a geek. I love Star Trek and most other Sci Fi movies and shows, Board Games, Role Playing games, and Warhammer 40,000. Now I love to assemble and paint my miniatures, just as much as I love playing with them with my friends and family, and having a good laugh. However, over the past 18 months, thanks Nursing School, I haven’t had the time available to enjoy my hobby of choice. Until this week.


I finally managed to sit down and finish a model I started prior to beginning Nursing School in July 2016. It is a Dunecrawler (pictured Below) for my Skitarii force for Warhammer 40,000. I have thoroughly enjoyed assembling it, trying to work out how to magnates the body and legs for easy storage, and how to make it easy enough to detach and reattach weapons as I please. It was a fun build and will be even more fun to throw some paint on, which I am hoping will be before Christmas.


I enjoy painting my figures, almost more than I do playing the game. I enjoy selecting colour schemes, working out how to blend, layer and create the illusion of shadow and light on something that is otherwise, as you can see from above, a detailed grey plastic blob. Below is a side view of one of my troop choices, a Ranger. I have gone for the Brown Coats from the much loved TV Series Firefly as the inspiration for my entire Army.


To most this hobby may seem boring, dull or otherwise childish. Some may see this a colossal waste of time, energy and hard earned dollars. But as most of you read last week, I need to relax, spend time with family and friends and recharge in activities that aren’t related to achieving a goal, earning a pay check or serving someone else. I need my hobby just as much as someone my need the Gym, Chocolate or Soft drink.

I am so excited to be back behind the hobby desk, which is actually just my study desk with far less books on it, doing what I love. I encourage everyone to find something they love doing, and take 30 minutes a day doing it. If its walking do it, if its running so it, gym do it, painting do it, sitting on the couch watching Firefly for the 20th time wondering why Fox cancelled the show….. do it. Until tomorrow, after my last shift in Mental Health,

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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