Day 23

Day 23 of my Acute Care Placement, hump day of my last week, my second day in Theatre, and the day I had my final performance appraisal. Not a huge day according to the lists, with the exception of the Eye Surgeries, of which there where 27. But it was still a big day when you consider the implications of a potentially negative appraisal.

I was placed on the Scopes list this morning with a rotation through recovery in the afternoon. The Scopes list is exactly as it sounds, all of the Gastroscopies and Colonoscopies. It was biologically interesting to see the inside of someone in such close, HD detail. It was good to have the doctor explain what we were looking at and what they where looking for themselves. I have the opportunity to assist and take the samples and bottle them for analysis, a small task but enough to not be completely detached. The afternoon saw me hit recovery for the first time. It was both interesting and a change of pace. Recovery is a very one on one nursing situation, it requires attention to detail, a good knowledge base and quick reactions to physiological changes. I had the opportunity to see several cases coming out of theatre all the way through to handover to the ward. It was different, and I am glad for the experience. It was nice to actually be awake and remember what recovery is all about.

My final performance appraisal. I was a touch nervous. Not because I thought I am a terrible nurse, or can’t do the job, or anything along those line, but because I can come across as brazen, arrogant or disrespectful without intending to. In the appraisal you first make a self evaluation on a range of things, loosely based on the Nursing Standards, and give yourself a score of 1 (really bad) to 5 (excellent). I gave myself 3s almost across the board with a could 4s in areas I thought I did particularly well in. When I sat down with my facilitator, the first thing she said was You are a bit harsh on yourself aren’t you? That made me feel a little better from the word get go. The facilitator had rated me at 5s across the board. They believe that I am excelling at what I am doing, for the level I am at and just need to build the experience, by seeing different cases etc, over time. They said there hasn’t been a question asked of me where I haven’t been able to give the answer, or at least a viable way of finding the answer quickly. I was stoked.

With that behind me, registration and the final couple of days are all that is left. I am looking forward to my last two days in Theatre, I am uncertain what they will bring. But I am ready for the challenge.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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