Day 24

Day 24 of my Acute Care Placement. My second last day at the facility, a return to the Operating Theatre and a series of new experiences. I had the privilege of sitting in on an abdominoplasty and bilateral brachioplasty first up this morning, then spent the afternoon in recovery while the three theatres were pushing out patients every 20 minutes.

The abdominoplasty and brachioplasty where both interesting in the fact that large amounts of tissue were being removed and the reconstruction of the body part following the removal. It was a time consuming procedure, both taking nearly two hours each. Most of the time was consumed by the suturing following the removal. I had the chance to handle some of the removed issue as we weighed it and disposed of it. It was oddly soft and felt like warm jelly. I remember thinking while I was holding the patient abdomen fat and skin that I wasn’t just holding useless tissue. Experiences, memories, meal, friends and family had made this fat and tissue. They where a part of the patient, and we held them in our hands. It was a surreal moment.

The afternoon in recovery was the cold shower to wake up from the surreal into reality. The patients were coming through thick and fast. The team and I were sending them back to the ward as quickly as they could be produced from theatre, and as quick a the ward could take them. It was nice to see the team of highly skilled nurses in recovery work. They are a well oiled team, with nerves of steel, an encyclopaedic knowledge and hearts of gold. Each one would care for their patient with skill, grace and poise. Tending to their needs as they arose, and anticipating the next step. It was almost inspiring to watch.

I realised today that my time with the facility is nearly at an end, and as such, my time as an Enrolled Nursing student also. I realised that I would soon be a part of this great family of nurses who dedicate their lives to caring for those in need, those who are hurting or at their worst. I am proud to stand with them, and I embrace the challenges that lie ahead in my career, my future study and beyond.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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