Day 25

Day 25, my FINAL DAY of my Acute Care Placement, my final day in Theatre and my final day as an EN student. All in all, a momentous occasion. I saw my first set of Dental surgery, completed the last of the task book, enjoyed a nice lunch out provided by the facility and very un-ceremonously completed my placement.

The dental surgery was a fast paced, short, and reasonably simple procedure. The patients would come in, go under the anaesthetic, either have the teeth cut out, pulled out or cut into pieces, then wake up and go home. The set up and clean up were the simplest I have seen since scopes day, and the equipment list almost as short. The thing that did vary, was the method of keeping an airway. Instead of using a LMA, the anaesthetist used a Nasopharyngeal Airway. Otherwise it was a good consolidating list, though tragically cut short by my 1200 meeting with our facilitator.

The meeting was to finalise our books, sort out any last minute paperwork and hand back out locker keys. It was essentially a un-ceremonous finish to our placement. The facilitator thank us for our time and our efforts, we thanked them for their efforts and patients and we one to lunch. The facility provided us lunch at a local pub to say thank you and good bye. Two of the four NUMs attended, but had to depart early due to prior engagements, the rest of stayed for a short while then parted ways. In some ways it was a bit of a rushed end to something that had taken us so long to get to. But in other ways our Badging Ceremony we have on Wednesday is truly our finish and ceremony day.

Its been a journey, I am glad to have embarked on it. I hope you all have enjoyed reading the journey just as much as I have being on it.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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