Nursing Steps

For those who haven’t been keeping up with whats going on, I have completed my Acute Care Placement and subsequently my Diploma of Nursing. It was a great 5 weeks, there are daily Reflections to catch-up on, and a wonderful experience. Following on from that we all had our Badging/Pinning ceremony on Wednesday as a graduation of sorts. I was then lucky enough to be asked in for an Interview at one of the Local Private Hospitals.


The badging ceremony was a nice end to this part of the journey, it also marks the first step on my nursing journey as complete. The Diploma, for me, was a step to my Bachelor, registration as an RN and further study. The Diploma had it challenges, but I loved every minute of it. I enjoyed the opportunities the University provided me, the opportunity to mentor other students, and the experiences I had with the students and instructors alike. As far as the next step on this journey, I have been accepted by CQUniversity to study my Bachelor in 2018, which should see its conclusion by Christmas 2019. Then onwards and upwards.


I was lucky enough, as part of a class of 40 in a small town (just over 80,000 in total), there was going to be some serious competition for positions. Hillcrest Private Hospital, one of the facilities I applied for, called me in for an interview the day following my badging ceremony. It may very well have been the shortest interview I have ever attended. I am reasonably certain I was in and out in 6 minutes. I arrived, the interviewer disposed with the pleasantries, asked what I was fishing for to which I answered full time work on any day and any shift, she said she could offer that and asked when I could start. We went back and forward for a short period discussing an approximate date for starting and it was decided that the day after I receive my registration paperwork would be the best. So come on AHPRA!

I am relieved to have work next year, Full Time work at that, I am glad that this part of the journey is done and dusted and that I can take the next step. I hope you all continue to come along the journey with me.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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