Moving Forward

This week has been an improvement, when compared to those recently. I have had fewer anxiety attacks, not to say none, more days with a positive outlook, and fewer ideations. When all things are considered, a reasonably good week. Then to top it all off, my Nursing Registration came through finally, so I can now start work in the coming weeks.


As you would have read last week my Psychiatrist changed my medication to include Lithium Carbonate which is a mood stabiliser. Whether is was that or the increased activity and general business I am un sure, but my mood over the week has improved. I have had an average of 6/10 mood for the week, only 2 real anxiety attacks and almost no ideations at all. Which is great.

I did see my psychiatrist again on Saturday and he upped my Lithium to 900mg a day, which was expected. I mentioned to him that I was having trouble sleeping again and maintaining sleep, so he added in 15mg of Mirtazipine in the evening to help with sleep and to also help with my mood in general, as it is a A-Typical AntiDepressant medication. I took my first dose that evening and slept like the dead. I went to bed and the very gentlemanly 2100 and fell asleep within minutes. My wife was so shocked as she had to come and turn my bedside light off for me, and I didn’t roll over 10 minutes later to complain about hers still being on. The down side is, Sunday. I felt distant, removed and depressed. I felt as if I was being crushed under this massive weight. I didn’t feel anxious at all, which was nice, just low and irritable.


My AHPRA Nursing Registration finally came back to me after waiting for it for over 10 weeks. The short of this is I can now start work in the Job I secured last year. I will hopefully be on the next roster, and begin working 10 days a fortnight. This will be good for my mental health as well, as I will feel useful and feel as though I am contributing again. I will just have to ensure I self care better than I have been of late to ensure I don’t make matters worse.

I am encouraged by the thoughts, messages and comments being left by you all. It fills my heart with joy to know there are so many kind, generous and thoughtful people still out there. I implore you to continue sharing this story, your story and comments with us all. Until Next week,

Maintain The Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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