Waiting Game

My wife is 38 weeks pregnant, which means at any point she could spontaneously spawn a new little human, and I can’t wait to meet her.

My wife was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes early in her pregnancy, which ┬ámeant that we had to closely monitor her blood sugar levels and also change the way we eat. It didn’t mean the elimination of carbohydrates, but rather spreading them out over the course of the day. Every meal was allowed three serves of carbs, each serve being 15g of actual carbohydrates, and every snack having one to two. Having these smaller meals and less of the carbs meant that while my wife has been growing a little person inside of her she has actually lost seven kilos. Now, before you all jump up and down, the baby has developed beautifully and is a health weight, if not a touch bigger than average.


Actually our Baby

One of the consequences of being gestationally diabetic is that the infant tends to be a little larger than average. Currently our little one is tracking above the curve, and if she was to go to full term could weight up to 8lbs and 9ozs or 3.88 kgs. Having said that, our obstetrician has advised us that providing my wife is fortuitous and her body is in a fit state, he would want to induce the baby at around 38 weeks. He says this eliminates the likelihood of spontaneous fetal death, which is great. This also means, to an extant, we can plan around the birth. We can almost pick a day, which for a roster like mine is fantastic.


I am looking forward to being a father again, holding a small person in my arms, feeding, burping, rocking, and generally caring for them. I am looking forward to the smells and sounds of the cherub and the joy they will bring the house. I look forward to seeing them grow, and learn, and absorb, and change with every passing day. I look forward to seeing the smile on my wife’s face as she hold the little blossom we made together. I look forward to our growing family. Stay posted Ragers, there will be photos to come.

Maintain the Rage,

Luke Sondergeld

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