UpHill Battle

I am finding it difficult to be motivated to achieve anything. Betting our of bed is difficult, going to work is difficult, enjoying the time with my family is difficult. Everything feels cumbersome and laborious. I have spoken to my Psychiatrist and he is even a little unsure of a clear direction of where to go.

For the astute among us, you would have noticed that I did not post last week. That is because every time I had the time to write I did have the motivation, the stirring or the inspiration to write anything. This has led to this post explaining were I am at.

blue bunny premium neopolitan ice cream open

I am concerned my depression is taking hold again, for a couple of weeks I felt that I wasn’t having any of the crippling lows, conversely I wasn’t having the dizzying highs either. My psychologist calls it Feeling Vanilla, no chocolate, no strawberry just Vanilla. Now I feel that my comfortable villa is becoming a little more on the low side. Which is worrying.

On a Happy note we had the birth of our Third Child and Second Daughter in the past couple of week. Her name is Ethne Joy, she was born at 1726 at 3.62kg (8lbs for those on the imperial scale). She has bought much enjoyment to the household. Which is much needed.


Thats the state of play at the moment. A little joy and a whole lot of down. I thank everyone for their continued support, words of love, wisdom and kindness. This community continues to be awesome. Don’t ever change.

Maintain The Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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