Kicking Goals

One coping mechanism I have adopted to deal with my Depression and Anxiety is to keep busy. Sometimes I border on being too busy and burning myself out, but generally I am at a steady pace of flat out. One of my projects that I have been working on has taken its next step.


Over the past couple of weeks I have been turning some white lines on the grass in my backyard into proper raised garden beds that will house our vegetables, some 20 odd varieties. The whole process actually took shape rather quickly, when I actually got moving. We stepped out roughly what we wanted, how it was going to look and what type of vegetables to grow, then we marked it all out, chased down materials, bought and collected them, then built the beds. Then we organised the six cubic meters of dirt to fill the beds, drove out to collect another ¾ of a cubic meter, then covered the whole lot with straw. All in all, a tiring but rewarding process.


Other then completing tasks and getting things done, it was a great time to spend with my parents, brother, and sister in law. It was so nice to know that they were willing to come around and sweat it out all in the name of family. After a terrible couple of weeks battling isolation and loneliness, even in the midst of company, it was great to feel that connectedness again. The day was also an opportunity to bond with my boy a little more as we toiled in the yard. He actually had the opportunity to watch the whole project come together, be a part of the construction, the preparation going into the garden beds, and will also help with the germination of the seeds, and eventual planting and maintaining of the vegetables. I believe this is a key skill that we are losing very quickly.

IMG_5341When we lived in Western Australia, my wife had a worm farm set up in her back porch. It was a way for her to deal with food scraps in an eco friendly manner and generate fertiliser for the garden and lawn at the same time. I felt guilty as I asked her to leave it behind when we moved as I didn’t know what kind of set up we would have on the other side. Nevertheless now that we are heading towards reducing our waste and growing our own produce I decided to buy my wife, and subsequently the rest of the family, a new worm farm. This achieves the same as above with the added benefit of feeding our worms the produce they just help feed. Its all very Lion King and Circle of Life.


So now I have three beautiful new garden beds, an extended front garden, and a treasure trove of seeds coming in the post. It will be great to see the garden grow and produce food for us to eat. It will be great to teach the kids about cultivation and self sufficiency. I am probably the most anti-green person I know, but even I feel good about the whole project. One day I would love to be able to scale this project up to a size where the family unit is actually self sustainable, vegetable and fruit wise. But for now I will settle for the handful of cherry tomatoes, fresh baby spinach and home grown jalapeños.

Maintain The Rage

Luke Sondergeld

5 thoughts on “Kicking Goals

  1. Love this blog 💕💕
    Baby steps is the best way to complete the whole picture of any job / project. It was a fantastic day and family will always be there to help each other. Can’t wait to see the seeds germinate then the first salad come together. Gardening in all forms is one of the best ways to relax. Love mum xx

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  2. This article is really refreshing. I like the fact that you encourage your family to be eco-friendly, starting from the worm farm. I am reading a lot of articles about worm composting for an essay that I am working on. It was a rush essay actually because it is due later (lol). But yes, this is really inspiring and helpful. Helpful in the sense that it helps me write something for my essay and inspiring because it made me think of having our own worm farm at home too. It will be very helpful for the environment. Thank you for this and more power!


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