Checking In

Today I conducted a little experiment to see who was paying attention, if there were any folks out there who have been paying attention to my posts, tweets, and articles. The result I have is unfortunately not surprising, and is the reason behind my post today. As a community, whether Maintain the Rage, Church, School, Friends, Family, Work, Clubs, Hobbies or otherwise we need to ensure we keep a closer eye on one another, and Check In once in a while.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 14.20.33.png

The experiment was, miss a post that has otherwise been out every Monday at 0530 Australian Eastern Stand Time for over 12 months, see if anyone reacts, posts, tweets, calls, messages or otherwise tries to get in contact with me or the page to see if I am ok, or at least comment on the lack of post. Sadly, as I write this a little after 1400 on the Monday, I am yet to receive even one such attempt at contact. This is mildly concerning for myself as I have recently gone through an episode of severe depression, suicidal ideations and planning. There has been reports saying that someone who has attempted suicide in the past is more likely to attempt in the future, and normally with an increased completion rate. This post is not meant to guilt trip anyone, or make anyone feel concerned for myself, this is supposed to show people how easy it can be for something to go awry and encourage the simple act of Checking In.


For those of you who’ve read my Blog for a while now will recognise the man in the picture above, it is Peter Bach, a good friend of mine from my Navy days, he was also a close friend who was taken away from us because of Suicide. Peter even gave us a chance to help him. Two nights before he succeeded in a suicidal action, Peter had made an attempt, so we would realise later, and injured his head. Nobody realised. When asked how he received the injury, nobody suspect his answer was off. Nobody put two and two together. None of us realised it was probably the last time any of us would get the chance to save his life. We missed it. We failed to Check In.


I therefore encourage everyone to be aware of the community they are in, the people they influence, and those who influence them. I plead with you to notice when someone hasn’t performed a task at their usual time or arrived when normally they would. Sometimes retreating back inside themselves is the first noticeable sign of someone in trouble. The earlier signs are changes of habit, changes in mood, changes in dress, or changes in interest. Notice the signs, get educated, be involved, and Check In.

Maintain the Rage,

Luke Sondergeld

2 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I think the fact is that everyone , and I do mean everyone in society, friends , relatives and coworkers are busy…. lifestyle itself is busy. Clues are far from obvious, especially if you aren’t looking for them. And really what is a clue ? Individual’s suicide intentions differ in so many various ways.
    I doubt anyone would of picked up on the time of your post differing from your past 12 months worth’s. I will truthfully admit to being one of those people. Firstly for the obvious reason , being that I did not know you posted at any specific time of the day and on a certain day. I figured they were posted when you had time , being that you lead the busy lifestyle majority of us do, as well as seeing them being posted on different social media platforms it was hard to see a patterned time of post.
    If , however I did not notice a monthly post from you then I would of checked on you .


    • Life is busy and complicated at the best of times. The point that I was trying to raise was the only clue you may receive is a small one. This post was not meant to be a guilt trip or accusation, nor was it meant to have a go at anyone. I agree that this post may have had more effect if I changed the day, and not just the time. Perhaps then it would have been more fair. A mistake I will accept.


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