Setting Goals

Each year it is not uncommon for people to set New Years Resolutions, or goals for the proceeding year. Though I do not personally subscribe to the idea of a News Years Resolution, like January 1st is the only time of year you can set goals, I do subscribe to the notion that we should be constantly growing and moving forward. To that end I have three overarching goals for 2019, along with a slew of smaller ones, that I would like to see achieved.


Goal 1

My first goal is probably going to be the hardest to achieve. I want to weigh 95kg before the year is out. Now some of you are probably thinking that should be a reasonably simple goal, that I should only have to shave 5-10 kilos and I will be done. Alas, no. To reach this goal, please note this is before Christmas and New Years befalls us, I need to shave 32kg from my frame. I need to lose the weight for my own health, the longer I carry this thick layer of visceral fat, the more and more likely I am to develop a serious cardiac issue. I also need to lose the weight for my kids, if I don’t shave the weight I won’t be able to run with them, hike with them, swim, jump, or play with them, and I can’t have that. That is not going to be an easy journey, however, it is a journey I have been on before. I know I can lose the weight, I just need to actually exercise, stop eating and drinking so much sugar, and cut down my portions from what I want to eat to what I actually need to eat. So Goal One, lose the weight.


Goal 2

This one seems a bit of a no brainer but is here for a very valid reason. My second goal is to continue to Blog at least once a week. The reason this is a valid goal and not something  that is a given, is at times my depression outweighs my desire to share with everyone. Somedays I look at my computer and the only thing I feel I can contribute is a long paragraph of crying and some terrible pictures of me doing as much. Sharing with this community is as much for my benefit as anybody else’s, I feed off your reads, your comments, and your engagement. I love hearing about how a story I have written has impacted someone, or is changing the way we deal with ourselves and others. So this is why Blogging is my second goal for 2019.

luke sondergeld - rockhampton9

Goal 3

Again a goal that should not need to be written, but valid none the less. My final formal goal for 2019 is to Complete my Bachelor of Nursing. The reason this goal is so important is Nationally 25% of Nursing students drop out of the course, that is just the voluntary ones, then you have the failure rate of up to 40% on top of that. That is more than half of the students who begin the course will not see the end of it. In 2018 I had an interesting year (for those who are interested please read the Mental Health related posts) I managed to pass my written assessments, pass my exam (if only just), and I got through my clinical placements. It took a lot out of me to accomplish simply completing my second year, and that is I something I do not want to have to go through again. Hopefully, and God willing, I will be able to manage my depression and anxiety, study hard, and pass my Bachelor. This will the provide me with a better paying job, an expanded scope of practice, more opportunities, and a fantastic sense of accomplishment. So my final formal goal for 2019 is to complete my Bachelor of Nursing.


Informally I would love to, accumulate, assemble and paint 2000pt of Tyranids, play more Warhammer with my friends, spend more time with the kids, lean in closer to God, attend Anchor as much as my rostering allows, continue to grown in my faith, serve the Church more, spend more time with Family. I find the informal goals to be the things we all ascribe to achieve, and for one reason or another we fall short. I am finding if you write your goals down, have them in front of you all the time, and stay focussed you can achieve great things.

Why not share your 3 goals for 2019 in the comments below, who knows you may find a Goal buddy for 2019.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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