Enjoying a Salad

I am most certainly not a salad loving gentleman. I am most definitely a self confessed carnivore. The dieting that my wife and I have embarked on has seen a rapid increase in the consumption of lettuce, baby spinach, and other leafy healthy things. I have been consuming these things begrudgingly, knowing that I can eat 3 cups of lettuce for 75Kj. I am endeavouring to come up with ways to enjoy a salad, or least make it more palatable.

My Beef and Wombok Salad

My Beef and Wombok Salad


This can be a little tricky on a low calorie diet as most dressings either have a large amount of added sugar like the dessing in the above image, or are fat based in the case of aioli or ranch dressing. I have needed to be a little cunning and utilise some strong or pleasant flavours to use as a dressing. On a leafy salad that has little flavour of its own I have been using Balsamic Vinegar; it offers a great taste, you don’t require a large amount of it, and it is really low in Kilojoules, only 30Kj for a tablespoon. Other alternatives include, lime and lemon juice, which I utilised on my salad with the pulled beef, pictured below.

If you want the creamy texture of a ranch or similar but don’t want the large amount of Kilojoules to go with it the light sour cream where one tablespoon is 242Kj, is better than the 626Kj for a Ranch.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, it can make eating a salad an almost enjoyable experience.

Mexican Pulled Beef with Crisp Salad

Mexican Pulled Beef with Crisp Salad


Not all salads need to be three cups of Lettuce with some crunchy bits added to it. A salad can be, as pictured above, a collection of salad vegetables tossed together. 150g of the above pictured salad was a grand total of 190Kj, throw some leafy stuff in there because you should as you would be hard pressed to break 200Kj, plenty of space for that sirloin steak you’ve been eyeing off.

Your salad may include avocado, celery, roasted vegetables, or whatever else may tickle your fancy. The idea of a salad, or at least from what I can tell, is to fill you up so you don’t notice that you are consuming ⅓ of the steak you used to, or to fill the empty void left on your place that until very recently was filled with chips or something else with a reasonable amount of flavour.

Be Creative with the Salad

Be Creative with the Salad

Be Creative

As I have been hinting towards this whole post, don’t let the normal constraints or ideas of a salad stop you from creating a salad. You want some added crunch or body, throw some cashews in there. You want some creaminess, add some yoghurt, light sour cream, or ricotta. Acid can be easy added with a vinegar or citrus. Change up the roughage by adding rocket, kale, baby spinach, bok choi, or even watercress. A salad also doesn’t have to be completely cold, add some roasted pumpkin or sweet potato to your leafy greens.

I will continue to share my creations on my Facebook Account, with my Weight Loss Album. There will also be my Wednesday Weigh Day where I will share my favourite  recipe from the week.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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