Though I get many chances to reflect and ponder my life and the direction it takes as we hurtle through this crazy thing we call life, I don’t get too many opportunities to be creative with my words. I may be verbose or overly decorative with my choice of words in conversation, after all in language we should not be lazy.

Dead Poets Society

This week, however, I have had the chance to stretch my creative muscles and write a narrative surrounding the occurrences of a game. So the situation is, on Saturday I went to Hammer and Anvil Gaming and played one game of Warhammer 40k. It was great to hang with the guys again, get a game in of my newly painted Tyranids, and generally just relax and unwind. The game I played was part of the year long Narrative game that is being played by members of the club, the idea being that the individual games that are being played actually take place at various points around the same planet. The wins of one game add to the victories of the side, the death of a character means it is unavailable while it is rejuvenated. I think this is a great idea, it forces the gamer to add a little bit of story into a game, instead of merely throwing dice at a table.

So, this week, I wrote the Narrative for the game I played. The game was between Necrons and Tyranids. The story follows the battle and bounces between both sides telling the story. The direction of the story and its eventual outcome are all guided by the actual game played.

The downed Monolith was being guarded by the remaining warriors and their Cryptek. Reinforcements had been called for, though there was no indication of when the Destroyer Lord and his detachment of warrior would arrive. The Cryptek knew that this world was a hive of Tyranid activity, he had been warned about the Tyranids on this planet, but the Cryptek didn’t consider it to be an issue due to his significant lack of biomass to attract the wretched beasts. Faithfully he and his warriors stood guard outside the Monolith.

The Green Ghost had returned with swarm of Hormagaunts from a Biomass collection from one of the last surviving towns in the immediate area. While the Hormagaunts returned the collected biomass back to central well the Green Ghost received instruction from the hive mind. An ancient energy, and potential biomass, had crashed on the planet. He was detailed to take his swarm of Hormagaunts and collect anything and everything from the crash site. With his orders received he let out a might cry, summoning his Hormagaunts and riling them into a frenzy. At break neck speed they were away.

The Cryptek was concerned by the lack of activity. The silence was deafening. No sign of his reinforcements, and also no sign of the Tyranids. Suddenly off in the distance a cloud of dust could be seen. Given the lack of wind the Cryptek decided it wasn’t a dust storm, it had to be the Tyranids. The Kryptek arranged himself and his warriors ready to deal with the onslaught. Gauss Flayers at the ready to lay waste to the scourge that were nearly upon them. The Kryptek had faced Tyranids before, he knew he would be able to lay waste to the smaller biomes before the larger more complex beasts could be upon them.

The Green Ghost was tearing through the desolate wasteland in an area of planet that was once teeming with life. The scene of destruction around him bought a disgusting and saliva rich smile to his face. The Hive Mind has passed onto the Green Ghost what threat was likely to be faced. He knew at he could not afford to simply let the Hormagaunts run towards the enemy. There would be too many casualties and he needed that energy. The Green Ghost decided to employ on of the Hive Fleets Psychic abilities, greatly increasing the Hormagaunts Speed for the cost of a moments concentration. As the began to see the Monolith over the horizon The Green Ghost knew the volley of Fire was soon to follow. He snapped his plan into action. Allowing half of the Hormagaunts to run on top of a small rise, giving themselves up as an easy target, while the other Hormagaunts, fuelled by the Psychic mastery that had been unleashed screamed, cried, and hollered their way towards the enemy. Before the enemy could even bring their weapons to bear, they were upon them.

The Kryptek followed the dust cloud. He saw it getting bigger and bigger. He knew they though soon be set upon. He watched as the cloud split in two, “Clever” he thought. He assumed the cloud on his left would try and come over the rise, briefly using it for cover before running down the hill. There was his first target. By the time the Kryptek had turned to give the order to his warriors they were surrounded by Hormagaunts. “Huh, really clever”. He had underestimated these beasts once, but was not going to again. He and his warriors snapped off as many shots as they could at the mass that was in front of them, but it was too late. The Hormagaunts shredded the warriors to pieces with little effort. He turned, realising that half the horde was still behind him. “I wonder if there will be resurrection for me”. The final thought that went through the Kryptek’s mind before being torn asunder by Hormagaunts.

The Green Ghost was wary that victory had come so easy, especially with a spoil such as this. He rallied the Hormagaunts around him, preparing for a sneak attack, or reinforcement to arrive. The first thing to appear was a Destroyer Lord, perched on a ridge. Casting his keen psychic mind upon the new target, he unleashed all of his fury. The Destroyer Lord dashed down the ridge away from the Green Ghost. But not for long.

Reeling from the Psychic scream that had assaulted his senses Commander Phaeron Thaszar used his rejuvenating circuits to recover from the affront. He took his warriors, split the forces to divide the attention of the Tyranid Hive Tyrant and split the Hormagaunts into manageable numbers. He accompanied half the warriors who were closest to the Tyrant. They moved off, trudging off toward the Monolith, and the writhing horde surrounding it.

As if playing by some set of rules The Green Ghost saw the reinforcements intended for the Cryptek. Split either side of line of sight blocking desert structure. The Green Ghost noticed the Destroyer Lord again, this time flying towards him. He knew the vulnerability of splitting his forces, he also knew the dangers of having the Hormagaunt outside of Synapse contact, but with the protection and range afforded him by the Norn Crown he was not concerned. He divided his forces and sent the Hormagaunts towards the warriors who took a few casualties, and saving the Destroyer Lord for himself. The Hormagaunts surged forward, few falling to snap shots before engaging them in close quarters. The Green Ghost sprung forward, engaging the Destroyer Lord with his Massive Scything Talons.

The plan went off without a hitch, the Warriors caused the Hormagaunts to split. What didn’t go according to plan was the abysmal shooting from his Warrior brethren “This wouldn’t have happened if I was issued with Destroyers” Phaeron Thaszar thought to himself. But he had little time to dwell on such matters, the Hive Tyrant had singled him out and was closing fast. Another piercing scream was felt to Phaeron Thaszar’s very core, as another Psychic scream was  unleashed. The two of us engaged in hand to hand, several blows were struck to my exoskeleton, but my regeneration circuits handled to beating. Phaeron Thaszar managed to land several blows, wounding the beast enough so he could drive his staffed blade into the skull of the infernal beast. Clearing his head, Phaeron Thaszar swung around and noticed the grim details of his condition. With what almost seemed to be an endless swarm of Hormagaunts, his warriors could be seen strewn across the battlefield, far beyond any ability for resurrection. Phaeron Thaszar soon realised the folly of his situation. Ever determined to be the last standing, or at least take as many of the screeching monsters with him. Phaeron Thaszar managed to take down over a dozen before succumbing to his wounds. Beyond the ability to resurrect Phaeron Thaszar was left torn apart, surrounding by an endless number of indistinguishable creatures, “After all this time, it comes to this…” and he faded away to seeming insignificance.

Tyranid Swarm

So there you have it. It isn’t exactly Shakespeare or Tolkien, but I think I served both the game and the Narrative well. What are your thoughts? Share them below, I would love to hear your feedback.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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