Schools Back

By the time you read this, the University semester has begun again. I will no longer have free time to indulge, sleep will cease to exist, and I will be semi-permenantly hunched over my computer. But on the bright side, it’s my final year, I am studying something that I love, and every moment I spend in a book is another skill or piece of information that I can use to Nurse better.

I want sleep

I want sleep

I am profoundly happy about the fact that this is my final year of study before becoming a Registered Nurse. A dream that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to achieve. I am also happy that I could get the elective that I wanted, The Nurse as Educator. I firmly believe that every nurse, regardless of type or seniority, has the potential to learn, and not necessarily from someone higher than them. I also believe in continuing the education of the next generation of Nurses, or whatever you profession happens to be. To this end, I hope one day I can teach portions of the Diploma of Nursing course so that I can give back to a profession that has already given me so much.

The down side to all of this is, as with most things, time. In an average fortnight there are 224 waking hours, which assumes 8 house of sleep. I work eight out of fourteen days, totalling 68 hours, bringing us down to 156 hours. Study is expected to consume on average 80 hours per fortnight, bringing us to 76 hours. Deduct travel, showering, ironing, eating and prepping food, the time wasted lying in bed not sleeping, totalling 35 hours, we are down to 41 hours. Spread that over the course of the fortnight and that leaves you with a little under three hours a day to spend with the children, do chores, run children to extracurricular events, wind down, spend time with family, and other ancillary tasks. And that assumes all goes to plan.



When I first embarked on this journey, at a time when I was bailed up having most of my abdomen sliced open, I knew that my study would put a strain on the family. I knew that I would be sacrificing time with the children, time with my wife, and time to myself, all in the interest of completing the required study to do a job that I am so passionate about. They say Nursing is a sacrifice. And it is, from the moment we begin studying, to working nights, weekends and other public holidays, coming home emotionally drained because of the different masks we wear for our patients, we come home physically exhausted from all of the walking, lifting, carrying, and other manual labour tasks. Nursing is not just a job. It’s a calling, something that gets placed upon your heart whereby you feel the overwhelming desire to serve people at their worst and most vulnerable. A profession I gladly serve.

Study Nursing

Study Nursing

For those who read this an are put off by the notion of study, don’t be. The journey may be rough and arduous, but is infinitely rewarding. If anyone is unsure of whether or not to embark on this journey I strongly encourage you to reach out to me, or someone else who has walked the journey ahead of you. Email, message, comment, Facebook stalk, I don’t mind, just reach out.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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