Staying Afloat

One of my readers asked if I could write about my study disciplines; what I do to stay on top of my assignments and study load. I have written in the past about being a studious student, returning to study, and the sacrifices made along the way. To truly understand how I keep on top of University, or TAFE for that matter, we must look holistically. After all it no good looking at the bridge without understanding how the rudder works.

To make sure that I can minimise wasted time I prep a lot of my meals, iron my uniforms a week in advance and generally try to limit the wasted little moments in the day. As you may of have seen, if you follow my facebook feed, I spend roughly 2 hours in the kitchen prepping on Saturday. These two hours prepare my breakfasts for the week, all my snacks, my lunches, and even two dinners. If I was to spend time every day to make the same or similar, it would consume somewhere closer to six odd hours. That’s four hours saved just in meal prep. Meal prepping also has the advantage of stopping or slowing the temptation to snack on things that aren’t the lowest in calories, or the best of choices.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep

As anybody who has read anything I have written knows, I am a nurse. With that comes the inordinate joy of shift work. This isn’t always the most convenient thing to deal with, but can be turned to an advantage. If I am working a Late shift, which starts at 1500, I can see the wife and children off and spend the morning, unencumbered, to study, write essays, or otherwise get things done. An early shift means I am leaving before the kids, and return home at about 1600. This generally means I am not sitting down to study until the kids are in bed. Night shifts are a thing unto themselves, I can usually sneak a couple of hours here and there, or sacrifice sleep if I am in a pinch.

Stay Focused

Stay Focused

I often get asked how I do it, or what’s you secret, or something similar. As you can see I have set in place some things that save time and help with making time for study. The biggest tip is STOP PROCRASTINATING AND STUDY! I am completely guilty of this as well. I will procrasticlean, procrasticook, and procrastianythingelsethatisntstudy. So it comes from a place of understanding and not hate. The first time I sat down at my desk and thought about study, I had all of my modelling stuff covering my table, which is something I would rather be doing then study, so I had to remove it and stash it away to remove temptation. It now sits in my cupboard, in a box with “Box O Bugs” written up the side, enticing me to finish my assessments so I can pull them out again. Which leads me to reward or incentive. You need to balance work and play. I have set aside my modelling till this semesters work is done. You may play video games, have a book you want to read, or even a weekend camping to celebrate. It also pays to have your eyes on the prize. I know my graduation is December 8th this year. I know that the endless assignments and study comes to an end in a little under seven months.



So there it is, nothing fancy, just planning, prepping, using all time available, stop procrastinating, rewarding, and keeping your eyes on the prize. If you have another method of getting through the study blues or a tip to save time, comment below. If you would like to know more or have any other questions about study or time management please add a comment below.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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