Wednesday Weigh Day 13

Welcome to the Thirteenth post of a continuing series of posts called Wednesday Weigh Day. These posts will be a tracker for my progress through weight loss, hopefully, and a way to share my journey, and some of my recipes.

Weight at Start: 131.7kg

Weight Today: 116.0kg

Weight Loss this Week: 0.6kg

Total Weight Loss: 15.7kg

Amount till Goal Weight: 21.0kg

My front and side will obviously have changed very little in a week. You’ll also notice the dip in the right shoulder. Thats the result of four reconstructive style surgeries to increase mobility and use following a fall during my service. At last check up, I have lost 33% capacity compared to a normal fit person my age.

Wednesday Weigh Day 13 - Front

Wednesday Weigh Day 13 – Front

Wednesday Weigh Day 13 - Side

Wednesday Weigh Day 13 – Side

This week didn’t see too many new or super amazing Meals that deserve a share, so I thought I would discuss some exceptionally under valued Beef cuts to include in your low Kilojoule meals. Skirt, sometimes referred to as Flank, is a great and inexpensive cut of beef for shredding. Skirt has large stranded muscle fibres that during the life of the beast do little to no work. As such, this cut is great for the slow cooker. Identify which direction the strands are running and cut perpendicular to make the trends the desired length. Then though in the slow cooker on low for 6-8 hours with your favourite flavours, I often use skirt for my Mexican Shredded Beef. Next is Ox Tail, or Osso Bucco, which comes from the tail of a Cow closest to the join with the body, and sometime the Shank is used as well. Oxtail is great for the recipe Osso Bucco, which is a slow cooked tomato based stew. The final under utilised Beef Cut is Beef Cheeks. The Cheeks are a sizeable round cut of beef about the size of a large fist. The Cheeks have just enough rendable fat to make them juicy and tender, the Cheeks also have similar striated fibres like the Flank, but not as large. Cheeks are easy and tasty, simply marinade overnight in the flavour you desire, and throw into your slow cooker for 8 hours. Your local butcher should be able to provide all of these cuts, even if they aren’t on display, just ask at the counter.

Beef Cuts

Beef Cuts

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