Wednesday Weigh Day 14

Welcome to the Fourteenth post of a continuing series of posts called Wednesday Weigh Day. These posts will be a tracker for my progress through weight loss, hopefully, and a way to share my journey, and some of my recipes.

This week has had many challenges with my depression and workload, my wife has also been extremely busy with work. This has led to some less than desirable choices of meals and snacks. I am just thankful that despite all of this, I broke even and did not add more weight.

Weight at Start: 131.7kg

Weight Today: 116.0kg

Weight Loss this Week: 0.0kg

Total Weight Loss: 15.7kg

Amount till Goal Weight: 21.0kg

My front and side will obviously have changed very little in a week. You’ll also notice the dip in the right shoulder. Thats the result of four reconstructive style surgeries to increase mobility and use following a fall during my service. At last check up, I have lost 33% capacity compared to a normal fit person my age.

Wednesday Weigh Day 14 - Front

Wednesday Weigh Day 14 – Front

Wednesday Weigh Day 14 - Side

Wednesday Weigh Day 14 – Side

This week I made a light version of a meal I learnt to make back in the Seventh Grade, 1998, Satay Beef. I have made some lighter choices since then, but the recipe remains much the same as it did back then. This recipe is super easy, a great one to teach the children, this is one of the first recipes I taught my son and he still makes it.

Light Satay Beef

Preparation 10 minutes

Cooking 30 minutes

Serves 4

Kilojoule per serve 1750


500g Diced Beef

2 Medium Onions, Halved and Sliced

2 Tbs Crunchy Peanut Butter

1 Tbs Soy Sauce

1 Tbs Curry Powder, more if you want more kick

1 Can Light Coconut Milk

4 Bags Low Cal Noodles


  1. Sauté the onions until soft
  2. Add Beef and brown
  3. Add all remaining ingredients except Noodles
  4. Simmer till sauce reduced to desired consistency
  5. Prepare Noodles as per packet
  6. Serve

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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