Emergency Department

This week, and subsequently the week prior, saw me completing my two week placement in our local Emergency Department. Originally, I was merely excited to just get a glimpse of the chaos and mayhem of ED. Having now spent the two weeks in ED…. I WANT MORE!!!

Emergency Department

Emergency Department

A while ago I wrote a piece call Medical Nursing, whereby I reflected on the exposure to different sections of Nursing and how they impacted me. In the conclusion I stated I felt that I was more a Medical Nurse than a Surgical, namely due to the chaos and distant style of Nursing that it tends to be. I then surmised that a Medical Nurse is responsible for the growth and healing of a Patient and not just bandaging them up to get out of the bed. This is the same thought I had towards ED, prior to my placement. However, upon arrival I noticed a few things;

  • The chaos of ED is a finely balanced ballet of Nurses and Doctors
  • The pace is clearly defined by those Nurses and Doctors
  • ED isn’t all gunshot wounds, mass trauma, and gallons of blood
  • Bed blocked is a very real and serious danger
  • There is more care given to one patient in four hours then some receive in a week
  • Nurses and Doctors work together as equals, not superiors and subordinates
  • Everyone is learning, Nurses and Doctors alike
  • A litre of blood can pour out of someone’s nose
  • A baby being born is truly magical
  • Drugs, illegal drugs, are bad
  • Mental health is not an isolated issue, its part of the patient
  • Not everything is running around
  • No-ones opinion is invalid

Theses are just some of the things I noticed while working in ED, and all of these things showed me that its not an adrenaline junkie’s hot spot, and only suited to those mad few, it is a high intensity, knowledge pushing, crucible that produces some of the most well rounded and knowledgable Nurses and Doctors that anyone would have the pleasure to work with or have work on them.

Emergency Nursing

Emergency Nursing

With all of this being said, like some five year old in a candy store, I still have a six week placement in the Intensive Care Unit of the same hospital. I could fall madly and deeply in love with the 12 hours shifts, organised structure, and relative peace of ICU. Or I could simply be left longing for the high speed rush of ED.

Where will all of this take me, I don’t know. I will float like a leaf on the wind, and land were I will serve best. I have the capacity to be a great Nurse wherever I am, and I can take great joy in every section, if I do so chose. Only time will really tell. My career, based on my current retirement age, has the potential to be 38 years long. Making 40 years of Nursing in total. I have the time to be able to move around if I am not comfortable in a section. Or simply fall in love with one, study my Masters in that area, and strive and thrive in the environment.

Only time will tell.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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