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Anyone who has known me for longer then about 15 minutes knows I am an Apple Fan Boy. I have the phone, the computer, the tablet, the TV, and now the wireless headphones. My wife and I decided to treat ourselves to an early Christmas Present. Now I am a firm believer that technology is an adjunct to our daily lives as apposed to necessities, and the AirPod Pros are no exception. They are, however, a superb product and deliver everything they advertise. I will look at the AirPos Pros in the vein of a review, and also dissect the impact of such technology on our lives and society as a whole.

AirPod Pros Expanded

AirPod Pros Expanded

The AirPod Pros are designed to be the next big thing following the release of the AirPods a couple of years ago. The added features of the Pros include;

  • Silicone ear canal buds
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • ‘Hey Siri’ functionality
  • Wireless charging case
  • Improved Battery life
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • Water and Sweet Resistance

Though this list isn’t exhaustive, nor does it seem that impressive, but it does finally bring the AirPods into competition with better wireless headphones by companies such as Sennheiser, Bose, and even their own company Beats. Now the Pros really do deliver everything that is listed. I have been using Apple headphones almost exclusively for 5 years, and the Pros definitely have the best sound I have heard so far. They tote a warm low end, crisp and clear mid field, and shrill high ends that won’t disappoint. Now, I have listened to music on other headphones, both wired and wireless, over ear, on ear, and in ear. So when I say that the AirPod Pros can compete with the other in ear varieties, I mean it. Battery life thus fas has been amazing, the case works as a portable charging station for the AirPods while out and about, and the transition between sides is seamless. Hey Siri has all of the normal functionality, and has no problem dictating messages, emails, or otherwise. As a handsfree alternative the AirPod Pros really come in their own. The AirPods actively eliminate background noise, while simultaneously boosting the vocals. The result is a clear signal sent to the other party, and because of their clear audio the received signal is just as clear. All in all, I am thoroughly enjoying the product, even with its $399 price tag.

AirPod Pros

AirPod Pros

The question that now exists is how will products, such as the AirPod Pros, impact our lives, and how will it change the way we do things. In the immediate, AirPods may just seem like a way for us to listen to music, podcasts, books, or otherwise. However, I believe we need to look at how we all began to listen to music. Originally we had to physically have the musicians at our home, or attend a hall to listen to music. We had very little say in what was actually played, and the only choice we had in the matter was whether we attended a particular artist or not, not too dissimilar to the Gigs and concerts we now have, but a little less grand. We move forward to the recording of sound onto Vinyl and the transmission of sound through the airwaves. This greatly increased the accessibility of music. A person could buy albums to listen to at home, or tune into different radio stations to listen to different music. 8-Track, Cassette, and CD would greatly increase the accessibility of music, and mainstream the idea of custom music playlists of the individual, not the artist or studio. Time progresses MP3s become the mainstay, and before you know it, Streaming services are on our door step. These streaming services opened our world of music to the World, Apple Music for example totes over 50 million tracks, and growing daily. You couple a seemingly infinite music library and wireless portable headphones and you have yourself a personal concert, every single day. In the end, AirPod Pros coupled with Streaming Services have changed the way we listen to music, yet again.

I welcome the change in the way music is delivered. I have always felt encumbered by CDs and even a personal MP3 library, so I am glad there is freedom in the listening to music yet again. I look forward to what technology will bring next, I just hope its not out of reach of the average user.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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