Wednesday Weigh In Seven

I am fat. I seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it. I attempted to diet on a VLCD and failed, I tried Shakes and failed, I’m eating sensibly with smaller portions and the right food, still FAT!

Goal = >100kg

Start = 144.5kg

Current = 144.3kg

Loss to Date = 0.2kg

Weight To Go = 44.4kg



As you can see I have come full circle in just 6 weeks. I’m sick of being fat, but I am also sick of fad diets, starving myself, and generally trying to fit into a mould that maybe I just don’t belong in. By the number I am healthy. BP is good, Heart Rate is goos, Bloods are great. I have no indication that my weight is having a negative impact on me. Except my self image and self esteem. But you know what, maybe I’m OK being a little chubby, makes me harder to kidnap. If we really are only here for one trip, maybe I should just enjoy what I want, when I want, and to hell with Social ideal of what I should look like.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just justifying the means.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In Seven

  1. Im absolutely no expert, could it be that your kilojoules are too low? I know that sounds counter intuitive, but I remember when I was at Slimming World, there would always be one member or another who wasn’t eating enough. I also find I have better success when I exercise, don’t know if that’s something you’re already doing? There are some great free workouts on youtube, and I have only bought a set of dumbells for them.

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    • Thanks JMarie1974 did consider the KJ being too low, that was an issue with my last attempt. I do need to up the exercise a bit. Having time is a big thing, but even bigger is having the persuasion to. It’s all a process. I’ll get there or I won’t… either way

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  2. oh I know what you mean :). I’ve set myself a challenge this week to do 150 minutes of activity – 62 minutes done so far! I’m just trying everything I can to keep myself going :). Good luck, whichever way you go, but if you do carry on, do swap things about a bit, don’t be scared of the kilojoules, that’s what keeps your body fueled, see if that makes any difference. And if you do decide on finding some form of exercise, just start small, something you really don’t mind doing, maybe a quick 15 minute walk every day or two, or some easy low impact programmes, there’s one I use that’s 7 minutes long. I’ve popped a link to a post with some of the programmes I do.


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