Answered Prayers

I have always believed that Social Media should be exactly that, Social. I also believe that when used properly, great things can be done; whether it be raising funds for a charitable cause, spreading warnings about flood or fire, sharing News about a lost child, or in my case finding myself a job. During this whole process there were many people involved, many shares, many likes, many comments, there was also a team of people who were praying for me, for the right job, at the right place, with the right conditions. These prayers are the ones that have been answered.

Social Callout

Social Callout

Social Media whether it be FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, SnapChat, or otherwise has a lot of bad press. And for very good reason. These platforms are no longer about the sharing of ideas, photos, moments in time, memories, or life together but instead have become a platform of hate, ill will, debauchery, filth, and simply put Anti-Social Behaviour. I was glad, and not to mention a little surprised, by the overwhelming positive feedback, comments, likes, and conversation that my post generated. Now, it was in no means trending or ‘going viral’ but it still reached a large, and appropriate, audience. And most importantly it landed on the screen of someone who had just the right job in mind.

Anti-Social Media

Anti-Social Media

Now it shouldn’t come as a surprise to my regular readers, but I do actually attend a Church on a regular basis, and with that comes a pretty tight knit community of people who are genuinely concerned about how you are travelling. So as you can imagine when I posted on Facebook that I was looking for work the prayer warriors did two things; 1) Kept an eye and ear out for an RN job and 2) Began fervently praying for the right Job, at the Right place, with the Right conditions, and the Right renumeration. I don’t normally pray for myself, I find it oddly self servient and distasteful. But, on this occasion, I prayed for myself. I prayed for the same thing the prayer warriors were, I was believing in the perfect Job, the one He set aside for me. Well, the Prayers were answered, and with Gusto.

Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

My perfect RNs role, for this moment in my life, involved a number of different things;

  1. Stability – Being able to plan my life further then 2 weeks in advance
  2. Workplace – Being part of a Workplace that is people focussed
  3. Distance – Close to home, not that anything in Rockhampton is ‘Far Away’
  4. Renumeration – A comfortable amount of money to bring into the House
  5. Flexibility – The ability to arrange my Work life to suit my Home life if needed
  6. Challenging – A workplace that would challenge my skills
  7. Time – Somewhere where I was actually able to see my children and wife on a regular basis and not just in passing between shifts and sleep

And thats the role I have found. For those astute enough, and those who subscribe to my Social Media, would know the position is at Teys Rockhampton, one of the local Beef Processing Facilities. It is one of the largest employers in Rockhampton and they have been without a Nurse for nearly two years, in fact in that time I was the first to be interviewed. Talk about God holding a position open for you.

I look forward to the new challenges ahead in Occupational Nursing and I am thankful for my opportunities a HillCrest whilst I was there. I look forward to new connections, new skills learnt, new language barriers overcome, new cultural issues overcome. I look forward to a workplace that empowers me to be me, and facilitates that wherever possible. I look forward to what the future holds. 2020 has started off really well so far, here’s hoping it keeps it up.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld

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