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When we think of Nursing, or for those outside the field, Nurses, we tend to think of Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, and Aged Care Homes. But, as my recent furor with the job  market will attest, there are plenty of unknown opportunities. I was unaware that some Schools still employ Nurses, there is the Prison system which employs on site Nurses, the Meat Works employs Nurses as I will bear witness to, along with some Mine Sites, Cattle Stations, and of course the Military. My advice to you, as the potential Graduate Nurse, or Re-Deploying Nurse are the following three things; Look Wide, Ask Everyone, Talk to People.

Nursing Imagery

Nursing Imagery

Look Wide

As I have hinted towards already there is a large and varied workforce in which to select from when it comes to Nursing. Each one has its own pros and cons, and you as the Nurse will have to weight those up for yourself. For example, I would trade salary for time with family and availability to volunteer. So a Monday to Friday, Dayshift, or at least rotating roster were you can plan more than two weeks ahead, was worth more to me than an extra couple of dollars an hour. To this end, when you have decided what you want out of the job look everywhere, even places you wouldn’t expect. Look outside of Seek, Job Search, or the local Paper, jobs these days are also advertised on LinkedIn, Company Websites, or even FaceBook. Look in places that you would not have normally considered like Schools, Meat Works, the Military. Apply for EVERYTHING as you may not be successful your first few interviews, regardless of experience.

Dreaded Job Hunt

Dreaded Job Hunt

Ask Everyone

Don’t be afraid to ask around, ask those in the field, ask your friends, ask your acquaintances, or do what I did and ask FaceBook. Whatever your tactic for this particular portion is, be ruthless. Don’t be afraid to ask people you haven’t spoken to in a while, don’t be afraid to ask people if there is a job at their workplace, ask if they have heard anything, ask if they know someone who knows someone who might know about a job. The point being ASK EVERYONE!

Social Callout

Social Callout

Talk to People

While I was looking for a Registered Nurses Job one of the things I took it upon myself to do was to email EVERY SINGLE GP Clinic in my Hometown, Rockhampton. I must have sent out 30 emails to all of the Practice Managers with my Resume and a Written Reference. Some wrote back to me fairly quickly with a Dear John email stating they didn’t have any positions at the time. I had two interviews, and a call back for a third after I accepted my job at Teys. I also applied to the Three Hospitals Nursing Pool, and directly to several of the wards. None of these places were advertising for Nurses, none of them were asking for my application, and most of them at least wrote back to me in some form or another. As I mentioned in Ask Everyone, most of the Nursing jobs secured, especially in a small town such as mine, will be by who you know. With a little bit of what you know as well. The job I ended up with wasn’t advertised, was a suggestion by a mate of mine, and started with an unsolicited email to the HR manager of Teys. So Talk to People, it may land you the job you didn’t even know existed.

Never Know Who Will Have the Job

Never Know Who Will Have the Job

These are three quick and helpful hints to assist you with your Job Hunt, whether it’s for a Graduate Position, a Re-Deployment, First Enrolled Nurse Job, or Re-Entering the Workforce after a sabbatical. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, drop an email, post on Social Media, or do the classic walk around with your Resume. When it comes to Employment it may not come easy, you may have to work for it, but it will all be worth it once you are working in the best profession in the World.

Maintain the Rage

Luke Sondergeld


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