Dungeons and Dragons

As you are all well aware by now, I am a massive GEEK. I enjoy table top board games, playing with plastic men, and have waaaayyyy too many movies and TV shows that start with Star. But most of my love for all things geekery began when I was 10, and I was introduced to the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

Some good friends of mine, and their older more experienced brother, introduced me to D&D one summer afternoon. I had no idea what was involved, what I had to do, or even why I needed so many dice; having not played a game with dice outside of Yahtzee. But never the less, we persevered. I rolled my Level 1 Human Fighter, like most young boys starting out. I chose my weapons based on nothing but how big they where, and how likely I was to chop someone’s head off. We engaged in the scenario, explored the world we had been thrown into. I nearly drowned after I attempted to swim in Chainmail armour. But we learnt. We came across our adversaries, a Goblin Raiding Party, I summarily chopped them into pieces and the day was won. I was hooked. This one campaign on a hot Summers afternoon would spur a 20+ year love affair with Roleplaying Games.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons Parties

As the years would go by I would play as part of several groups, some more successful than others. Some I would only reach levels 3-5 where as others I would become an Epic Level character and top out in the mid 60s. No matter what I played, I loved it. It was a way to explore a strange new world, interact with its inhabitants, and throw just a little bit of me into every character. I loved to play. Then someone showed me how to run a game. How to design a world of my own. How to shape the very fabric of space and time and wield it as my own play thing. I was gob smacked. I didn’t realise how much excitement and enjoyment I would get out of creating a whole new world and sharing it with people. I would run a couple, quite unsuccessfully might I add, campaigns in my early days. But it was all in the spirit of learning. I have since created and run many different campaigns, different worlds, in different time periods, using may different rule sets. But I always come back to D&D.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

When I first started playing D&D it was in its 3rd Edition, I would continue to play 3rd Edition until 2020. I also played Pathfinder, Golden, Fantasy Age, Star Wars Roleplaying, and finally D&D 5th Edition. I can see some of you wondering why it jumped from 3rd to 5th edition of D&D? It’s simple. 3rd Edition was amazing, so amazing that people wanted it to constantly expand and improve. So much so that eventually Wizards of the Coast (WotC) who own D&D decided to re-release 3rd Edition as 3.5 Edition. I was not amused. I was staunch in the fact that 3rd Edition was completely fine as it was. So much so that I refused to play 3.5 Edition. Then they released 4th which was such a complete flop that it was almost immediately withdrawn and noted that a better 5th Edition would be on its way. I had the opportunity to play test for 5th Edition in the early days, and I was intrigued by the play style, the nod towards 3rd Edition, but still being its own thing. When I decided to run a game for my Friends I decided it was time to leave behind my beloved 3rd Edition and get with the times, so I began generating a 5th Edition campaign.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

So I began writing in earnest. I started with a basic idea of the Big Bad Evil Guy (BBEG) how he was going to interact with the world, how this was going to change the landscape, and what the party was going to have to do to stop him. I then started to come up with some low level encounters for the party to get started, and before you knew it the World of Eseron was born. I spent nearly two days perfecting the map alone. I love world building, I love creating people for the party to engage with. I love coming up with social structures, social standings, geography, city names, weather events, BBEG, and everything else associated with creating a new world.

I may have even got so wrapped up in my creating, I forgot to post last week. So don’t be alarmed, I hadn’t forgot about you all, I was just a little bit preoccupied. I will share, periodically, how the party is traveling and how the world of Eseron progresses. Do you play D&D? Perhaps another Roleplaying Game? What are your fond memories of the Game? Share them in the comments below.

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