The idea behind Maintain the Rage originated with Gough Whitlam, an Australian Prime Minister who famously said in 1975 “God save the Queen, because nothing can save the Governor General”. He would go onto to say “Maintain your rage and enthusiasm through the campaign for the election now to be held and until polling day.” in which Gough Whitlam conferred to the Australian People that they should keep their interest, their tenacity, their fire until the election campaign came to a end on polling day, to put an end to the nine term streak that the Australian Liberal party had wrought on the Country.

My sentiment towards Mr. Whitlam is not that of political support, but rather his passion, his drive and dare I say it his perspicacity. I endeavoured to harness these qualities and apply them to my own life. I adopted the saying “Maintain the Rage” as a sort of sign off for my posts to fellow Nursing Students, as a pick me up when something had gone awry, and as an encouragement to others to “Maintain their Rage”.

I have been studying for my Diploma of Nursing since June 2016, there have been many times I needed to remind myself to Maintain my Rage. My journey to Nursing needed plenty of reminding. At the beginning of 2016 I had ruptured diverticulitis, for those not in the know a snappy Dr Google search will sort you out, which meant an extended stay in hospital and the need to use a Colostomy bag for a period of 6 months, again Dr Google. During this time I had no less than eight ER visits, five of which required at least an overnight stay, two more operations bringing the total operating theatre time to 13 Hours and over 55cm of scar tissue on my abdomen. Though this time was tough physically, mentally and emotionally, it did provide me with ample time to consider my journey and where I was headed.

I reflected on my time so far, my goals, my ambition and their central theme, Service. I served in the Royal Australian Navy for five years as a Junior Officer, I served in Hospitality for over seven years, I served for over five years in my local church. I began to reflect on what my purpose was, what it all had been leading to. I have always had a fascination with the Medical field, but could never justify the 10 years of Medical School, besides most Doctors don’t spend enough time with the patients for my liking, and thats not what I wanted. I then thought about all the Nurses who helped me during my times of need, the service they provided, their knowledge and prowess. Bingo, my purpose. I enrolled at CQUniversity for the mid year intake in their Diploma of Nursing Program, 18 Months, end of 2017 and I became a Qualified Enrolled Nurse. I had found the way to Maintain my Rage.

Now I do everything I can to Maintain my Rage, and to fuel the Rage in others. So thats the overview of the story so far, this blog is not going to be selling a product, service, or ideal. It will be stories and ideas from my life, that helped or hindered me, to Maintain My Rage.